Sea Freight from China to Australia

With China’s recent rapid economic growth has come an increase in trade with Australia. Allworld Logistics have recognised that there is higher demand than ever to transport cargo between the two countries, which is why we provide an efficient sea freight service from China to Australia.

At Allworld Logistics, we understand that your business requires prompt freight services. This is why we have arranged weekly sailings from all main ports in China to arrive at multiple Australian destinations. We’ve established successful partnerships with Chinese freight companies that have been in place for over 6 years, making us a top choice when it comes to your international freight needs.

Because we’re experts in the import of sea freight from China to Australia, we can help with special cargo such as large, heavy or bulky items that may not fit into a single shipping container. No matter the size of your cargo, we will treat every consignment with the greatest care to minimise the risk of damage during transportation and to ensure that an optimum end result is achieved. We will also communicate with you throughout each stage of the freight process to ensure your experience with our company is a positive one.