Shipping and Freight Forwarding from China to Australia

China is currently experiencing a rapid growth in its economy and has in recent years become one of Australia’s largest trading partners. At Allworld Logistics, we recognize the shift of commodity purchasing from traditional markets in Asia and Europe to China. That is why we’ve developed a successful partnership with a reputable Chinese freight forwarding company to help you move freight from China to Australia. We have continued this business relationship for over 6 years, a partnership which has contributed to the consolidation of our position in the China to Australia shipping market.


Because we understand that your business requires a reliable freight forwarder, we have arranged sailings from all mainstream ports in China to arrive weekly at multiple destinations throughout Australia. For air freight services, we have daily flights scheduled between the two countries. While there may be other shipping agents providing shipping and freight forwarding from China to Melbourne, Australia, we set ourselves apart from others by providing a flow of fast communication from the time of collection right up to when the cargo arrives at its destination.

At Allworld Logistics, we are fully aware that it is imperative to facilitate and honour the lead times your business has provided to customers. This is why we offer a transparent communication flow to keep you updated at every step of the way. While delays are sometimes inevitable due to airline and shipping issues, we will keep you informed in case any do occur, minimising inconvenience for you and your customers with your freight forwarding from China to Australia.