What Services can a Freight Forwarder Provide?

Freight forwarders can provide a wide range of valuable services to individuals and companies who need to import and export goods on an international scale. They possess the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure your cargo gets to its destination on time and in the best condition, making the process as simple as possible. Here’s a short list of services that are commonly offered by freight forwarders to assist clients with their international transportation needs.

Air and Sea Freight

While some only offer one or the other, some freight forwarders offer both air and sea freight services to clients, depending on their specific needs. Air freight is a faster form of transportation but has a higher cost, while sea freight takes longer but is more affordable. Both methods provide a reliable means of import and export, allowing for easy transportation of cargo.

Customs and Clearance Documentation

Many freight forwarding companies provide assistance with customs and clearance documentation, with an extensive understanding of all the forms that are needed to successfully get your cargo through customs. Duty rates, entry processes, permits and customs clearance can all differ from country to country, and mistakes can easily be made, making it important to ensure the assistance of a professional freight forwarder. They can handle all the complexities and make the process as smooth as possible, minimising the chance of problems occurring.

Timely Consignments

A large number of freight forwarders offer time sensitive consignments, ensuring your items arrive within a specified time frame. Timely freight services are essential to the running of many businesses, making this a service that’s in high demand.

Special Consignments

Many freight forwarders offer services that take special consignments into consideration, such as oversized cargo and break bulk cargo. Whether you’re trying to transport a car to a different country or need to combine road, rail and sea transportation methods, freight forwarders can work with you to provide a customised solution to take care of your special needs.

Allworld Logistics – Providing a wide range of freight forwarding services

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