Understanding the Terminology of Freight Forwarding

If you’re looking for a reputable freight forwarder but find yourself bogged down by the unfamiliar phrases and terminology, worry no more. Our quick guide will help you understand the basics involved in freight forwarding in next to no time, so you can make an informed decision.

Customs Clearance Agents

Customs Clearance Agents are responsible for ensuring all paperwork for cargo is correctly filled out, allowing it to pass easily through customs. They can expedite the process with their vast knowledge and experience, while complying with all rules and regulations. They are also aware of what can and cannot be imported or exported, saving you time, effort and money. With a Customs Clearance Agent, you won’t have to worry about the entry processes, duty rates and customs clearance – they take care of everything, providing flexible solutions to prevent mistakes from occurring.

Storage and cartage services

Cartage refers to the transportation of your cargo from the port to your warehouse, and is usually a service provided by the freight forwarder. Storage is where the freight forwarder stores your cargo in their own warehouse for a period of time – this can be either short term or long term depending on your requirements. Usually a reasonable fee is charged for storage service.


If you’re intending to use a shipping container to import or export cargo, LCL and FCL are two terms you will often encounter. LCL refers to less than a container load. If you don’t have a full container’s worth of cargo, your consignment will be shipped in a container that also contains other consignments. This is known as LCL. Meanwhile, FCL refers to one standard full container load. This is where the entire container is filled solely with your cargo. While it can be cheaper than LCL, FCL requires the importer or exporter to have enough cargo to fill an entire container.

Allworld Logistics – Providing assistance to make freight forwarding simpler

Allworld Logistics are international freight forwarders with the knowledge and expertise to provide the best service. Whether you’re looking for a customs clearance agent or seeking quotes for LCL sea freight, you can rely on us to simplify the process, making it a stress-free experience. Contact us today to learn more or to obtain a free quote for our international freight forwarding services.