Freighting from China to Australia: The Costs Involved

When freighting goods from China for import into Australia, it’s important to be aware of the assortment of costs involved. There are many expenses that can arise during the freight process, from taxes and custom duties right through to insurance and cartage costs. Understanding these various expenses is useful to gain an idea of the overall final cost, so here’s a brief guide to give you an outline.

Shipping container costs

If you’re looking to import a large consignment, one of the more costly fees will be the expense of the shipping container. This price can range depending on varying factors, such as size and quantity. In addition to the shipping container, there can also be other associated fees to pay, such as cartage and storage fees. Cartage involves the transportation of your container between the port to your warehouse. Storage is another service offered by many freight forwarders, with a fee allowing short or long-term storage of consignments.

Taxes and duties

When importing into Australia, it’s important to keep in mind the cost of taxes and duties for the cargo you’re importing. If the value of the imported goods is less than $1000, your consignment may be exempt from taxes and duties. However, anything over this threshold generally attracts a 5% rate of import duty, as well as the 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST).


While not compulsory, insurance can be a worthwhile investment, safeguarding you in the case of your consignment getting lost or damaged. It can range in price depending on the level of coverage and the value of goods you’re importing, but it’s an expense that will really pay off if something goes wrong. For this reason it can also provide excellent peace of mind, allowing you to relax and not worry about your freight.

Fluctuating currencies

Currencies around the world are constantly fluctuating, wreaking havoc with exchange rates. Sometimes it’s necessary to convert the Australian dollar into another currency to pay for part of the freight forwarding process, and when this happens the current currency fluctuation can have an impact on prices. Therefore it’s important to take this into consideration, particularly if it may result in a higher cost.

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