Freighting from China to Australia: Four Forbidden Objects

When freight forwarding from China to Australia, it’s essential to remain up to date with the list of objects that are forbidden or banned from import. Bringing prohibited items into the country can result in a multitude of problems, from goods being seized to fines and jail sentences. This makes it vital to comply with the list of prohibited items provided by the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service. Our quick guide covers several restricted imports you should avoid.

Firearms and other weapons

As the Australian government has severe restrictions on civilian possession of firearms and other weapons, there are many tough measures in place to ensure unauthorised and illegal weapons are not brought into the country. These include knives, guns, cross bows, knuckle dusters, maces, slingshots, and even high-powered laser pointers. Those found guilty of importing weapons into Australia will have their goods seized and may face further consequences such as high fines and jail sentences.

Harmful Drugs

Australia has strict laws surrounding harmful recreational drugs, banning their import and even their possession. While it’s possible to get permits allowing you to bring certain restricted medicinal drugs into the country, these are heavily monitored and are usually only available for healthcare providers. Attempting to intentionally smuggle drugs into the country is illegal, and often results in a jail sentence.

Food-shaped or food-scented novelty erasers with excessive amounts of lead

Australia has banned the import of certain erasers containing excessive amounts of lead. The prohibited erasers are shaped like food or contain an appealing scent that may prompt children to consume them, resulting in exposure to harmful heavy metals such as lead. Lead is particularly toxic to children, with exposure causing a range of severe health issues that can even lead to death. For these reasons, these products are prohibited in Australia.

Pencils and paintbrushes containing heavy metals

Pencils and paintbrushes are sometimes coated with paint or lacquer that can contain heavy metals such as lead. As these products are often used by children, who may lick or chew on them, all paintbrushes and pencils that have excessive amounts of heavy metals are prohibited in Australia.

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