Freight Forwarders

A Freighter Forwarder is basically an organisation who acts on behalf of both importers and exporters or indeed companies or individuals in organising safe and above all, cost-effective transportation of goods, both within a country and on a global basis.

More often than not, Freight Forwarders would operate within one country, employing the services of freight companies such as rail or road operators, to move goods within that country. In any event, the typical activities undertaken by Freight Forwarders would include:

  • planning the most cost-effective route for a shipment
  • arranging appropriate packaging
  • negotiating contracts, transportation (e.g. road, rail, air or even sea)
  • preparing necessary documentation including appropriate insurance
  • maintaining communication and control throughout all stages.

International Freight Forwarders on the other hand, operate on a global basis and therefore they need to be completely up-to-date with the various regulations that apply in other countries.

Whilst in Australia most Custom Brokers operate under the auspices of a freighter forwarder, countries such as Bangladesh and Nigeria require separate government licenses to be both a Freighter Forwarder and Customs Broker. In the UK however, freight forwarders are not licensed but instead, many belong to an association and because of the UK’s proximity to Europe, many freight forwarders specialise in groupage – the consolidation of many little packets into one big load.

In essence, the function of a Freight Forwarder or indeed International Freight Forwarders, is as liaison between a party who wishes to move goods from one place or country to the other and those companies who actually undertake the movement of goods, whether by road, sea, rail or air.

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