The Difference between a Customs Clearance Broker and Freight Forwarder

If you own and manage a retail business of any size, you’re likely to have been involved in the process of importing stock from overseas to sell to your customers. You might have a regular shipment of sea freight from China to Australia come in, but how much do you really know about the entire export / import process? For example, do you know the function of international air freight forwarders and how their role differs from that of a customs clearance broker? Let’s look at each of them in greater detail and explore how they’re so instrumental in you receiving your merchandise. Read more

3 Weird and Wacky Stories of International Freight

Once in a while, strange things happen. Sometimes these incidents have reasonable, if not immediately apparent explanations, while others are just plain bizarre. International sea and air freight companies have their fair share of stories in this area, so we’ve chosen three weird and wacky examples here to ponder. Read more

3 Benefits of Using a Customs Clearance Broker

If you’re planning to import or export goods to or from Australia, it’s recommended to consider using an experienced customs clearance broker to oversee the process. In addition to making sure everything goes smoothly, a broker can also save you precious time and money, helping to make the process more convenient and efficient. Here are three of the top benefits that using a broker can provide: Read more

Freighting from China to Australia: The Costs Involved

When freighting goods from China for import into Australia, it’s important to be aware of the assortment of costs involved. There are many expenses that can arise during the freight process, from taxes and custom duties right through to insurance and cartage costs. Understanding these various expenses is useful to gain an idea of the overall final cost, so here’s a brief guide to give you an outline. Read more

Freighting from China to Australia: Four Forbidden Objects

When freight forwarding from China to Australia, it’s essential to remain up to date with the list of objects that are forbidden or banned from import. Bringing prohibited items into the country can result in a multitude of problems, from goods being seized to fines and jail sentences. This makes it vital to comply with the list of prohibited items provided by the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service. Our quick guide covers several restricted imports you should avoid. Read more

Understanding the Terminology of Freight Forwarding

If you’re looking for a reputable freight forwarder but find yourself bogged down by the unfamiliar phrases and terminology, worry no more. Our quick guide will help you understand the basics involved in freight forwarding in next to no time, so you can make an informed decision. Read more

How to Choose an International Freight Forwarder

So you’ve looked up freight forwarders online or in a directory, and now have a shortlist of options. What next? If you’re struggling to make a final decision, this guide will cover what to look for in an international freight forwarder, helping you to make a fast and easy decision – and most importantly, the right decision. Read more

What Services can a Freight Forwarder Provide?

Freight forwarders can provide a wide range of valuable services to individuals and companies who need to import and export goods on an international scale. They possess the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure your cargo gets to its destination on time and in the best condition, making the process as simple as possible. Here’s a short list of services that are commonly offered by freight forwarders to assist clients with their international transportation needs. Read more

Pros and Cons: Sea Freight vs. Air Freight

There are two main options for those businesses and individuals that want to ship goods overseas. You can go for international freight shipping by sea or by air. The first option has been around for quite some time now, but the latter is gaining more and more popularity. Read more

Freight and Logistics Glossary

Air Freight:

Air freight is the transportation of goods on an Aircraft. It is an instrumental aspect of the international logistics chain as products can be delivered in a timely manner. A great alternative to Sea freight to facilitate your products into the country. Freight forwarders play an integral partner to an importer to assist with this process.  The advantages of Air freight is that Airfreight is a quicker and safer option but it may cost more, due to the transportation being delivered from one part of the world to another within days! Read more