3 Weird and Wacky Stories of International Freight

Once in a while, strange things happen. Sometimes these incidents have reasonable, if not immediately apparent explanations, while others are just plain bizarre. International sea and air freight companies have their fair share of stories in this area, so we’ve chosen three weird and wacky examples here to ponder.

Cat found trapped in a shipping container that was at sea for 17 days

A ginger tom kitten now known as “Sinbad” (for reasons which will soon become clear), survived 17 days inside a shipping container, without food and water, that travelled from Egypt to Hereford in the United Kingdom. It’s unknown how he ended up in the container; however it’s assumed that he managed to stow away during the packing phase. The cat was discovered as the cargo arrived at a linen company emanating strange meowing and screeching noises. Thankfully, though hungry, thirsty and tired, the feline was otherwise unharmed.

Lego pieces still wash up on British shores more than 18 years after being thrown overboard

The Tokio Express was on its way to Connecticut, USA on 13 February 1997 when it was hit by a powerful wave about 32 kilometres off the coast of Cornwall. The impact from the wave slanted the ship first 60 degrees, and then 40 degrees back the opposite way. This sent 62 steel containers, including a crate full of Lego, overboard.

It’s estimated that over 5 million pieces fell into the sea, with over 3 million of them being light enough to float. Pieces have been washing up ashore ever since in pristine condition and experts estimate they could have drifted as much as 100 km in 18 years – enough to encircle the globe! Collectors have reported finding hundreds of Lego pieces on beaches and have even created a Facebook page to document where they have found them.

Drunken Chinese Man Wakes Up in a Locked Shipping Container Bound for Los Angeles

In a very curious case, a Chinese man lived to relay his experience, which is strongly reminiscent of popular Hollywood movie “The Hangover”.

After a wild night of drinking, Jiang Wu came to in a sealed container bound for the United States. Fortunately for him, he managed wake before the ship set sail, saving his own life as he wouldn’t have survived the two-week trip without food or water. Upon waking, he immediately called for help with his mobile phone, which fortunately had reception at the time.

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